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Our Buidling & Construction Services

Quickstruct is one of South Africa’s largest Residential and Commercial Development Company. With over 35 years’ experience in the building industry, we’ve developed residential homes in gated communities, estates and private holdings as well as industrial factories and warehouses.

What We Do


Development of Houses, Apartments, Outbuildings, Warehouses, Factories, Retail Stores and Shopping Centres.


Easy renovations and General Repairs to your Household or Business Premesis.


Plumbing, Carpentry, Roof Repairs, Waterproofing, Plastering, Painting, Tilling, Bathroom Renovations, Electrical and Glass

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General Building & Maintenance

Retaining Walls
All Fencing

Leaking sinks, taps, toilets & pipes blocked drains etc
New washing machine connections
Any new installations
Drains and Gutters

Repairing rotten windows doors
Hanging doors
Floating shelves
Refurbishing decks or any wooden construction

Roof Repairs
Straightening collapsed roofs
Repairing rotten trusses battens etc
Replacing rotten bargeboards or facia
Re-attaching loose ridge cappings
Replacing plastic
Cleaning/repairing gutters/downpipes
Finding and repairing leaks
Replacing/installing/repairing ceilings

Waterproofing / Damp proofing / French Drains
We can fix any damp problem or leak from the negative or positive side of walls etc

Plastering Walls
Normal or bag-washed effects
Facebrick braai areas
Concrete counter tops

High standards and clean

Porcelain Travertine Mosaic Cladding Glass, Etc

Bathroom Renovations
Complete Projects Inc Closed To Open Plan Conversions
Jacuzzis Showers Vanities
Sunken Baths, Etc

Fault Finding
New Plug And Light Fittings
Stove And Appliance Installations/Repairs
Security Lighting
Ceiling Fans
Air-Con Power Points

Aluminium and Glass

Repair & Maintenance

Specialist in:

  • Aluminium Window/Door Repairs & Services
  • Refurbishment Tarnished Aluminium Windows
  • Refurbishment Tarnished Aluminium Doors
  • 24 Hours Glass Replacement
  • Window Tinting
  • Window Signage
  • Performance Glass
  • Performance Glazing
  • Service & Maintenance Plans also available on a monthly contract
  • Ceilings and Partitions

Windows & Doors

New Window & Door Manufacturing & Installation

  • Sliding Folding Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Windows
  • Showers
  • Frame less Systems (Showers, Balustrading etc.)
  • Custom Made Sun Louvers & Perogolas
  • Clear View Burglar Bars
  • Security Gates & Barriers
  • Door @ Window Automation
  • Window Cleaning with a Difference
  • Balustrading
  • Hulabond Cladding

Awnings, Carports and Shadeports

Custom made Awnings for any application
Our awnings are made from Aluminium that are lightweight and easy to maintain

Custom made Carports in any Colour and Style required
Our Carports are long lasting and aesthetically appealing to your home

Custom made Shadeports in any Colour and Style required
Up to 96% Shade and Full Protection against hail damage
Waterproof netting available

Patio Ceilings
We design each one individuality to the clients specifications and design. By blending the Patio design with the design of the home to make the two structures come together as one


Frameless Glass Stacking Doors

Our Frameless Glass Stacking Doors has been designed and manufactured by a leading Frameless Glass company in South Africa. Originally designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions in South Africa. The Frameless Glass Stacking Doors is now the leading brand for patio enclosures with optimum weather resistance.

We supply only the best quality products and at competitive prices without compromising on our quality and service levels. Our team of innovative minds sets us apart from our competitors with our thorough RND, researching trends and designs. We able to create Unique and Custom Pieces to meet our clients’ specifications with our flexibility


Shop Fitting

  • Estimating material quantities and costs, and preparing tenders and quotes for jobs
  • Preparing design plans for a contract
  • Measuring and setting out jobs on site, and installing the fixtures and fittings
  • Paint spraying timber products.
  • Shop fronts and Doors fitted as well
  • Built in cupboards
  • Dry wall Partition
  • Office Furniture
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Full Electrical Installation
  • Glass Partitioning
  • Designing of Office
  • Painting
  • Drop Ceiling
  • I.T. Installation

Contruction Services

  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Crushing of Aggregate
  • Concrete Work
  • Concrete Rehabilitation
  • Airports
  • Water Retainer Structures
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Plant Hire
  • Building – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.
  • Renovations

Precast Concrete Buildings

Structures are built using precast panels of heights typically 2.4m. These are bolted together using a custom tongue-and-groove system and once completed can be plastered and finished as required. Windows and doors are also produced as required using high strength concrete and precision moulding.

By producing components under factory conditions, many of the quality-control issues inherent in traditional building methods are eliminated. Panels are cast including plumbing and electrical conduiting thereby reducing the need for artisans on site. With required training, semi-skilled labour can be instructed to complete installations.

The modularity of the Quickstruct Housing System not only allows structures to be erected in areas where conventional construction would not be possible, using unskilled or semi-skilled labour but also at much greater speed. Typically, given a large enough project, we see construction which is 4-5x faster than conventional methods. This is facilitated through detailed rollout plans and co-opting of various construction teams, all managed in-house by Quickstruct.

This system is designed, manufactured and constructed for use as dwellings, crèches & school classrooms, studios, offices, garages and stores. Further refinements have been introduced through the years and the system has been extensively used in the affordable (low cost) and Gap housing markets with thousands of houses completed and occupied by satisfied owners.

Lightweight Steel Housing

Light steel frame construction techniques to create structurally sound dwellings in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments to hit our shores in recent times even though this method of building has been used in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for decades.

It offers quality, cost efficiency and speed of erection for low-rise residential and non-residential buildings.

The key to the success and rapid growth of light steel frame construction worldwide lies in a seamless interface between computer-based design and computer-controlled manufacturing. Sophisticated design programs have been developed to carry out the structural design of each element required for a building and to electronically convey the dimensional specifications to the roll-forming facility.

There are several advantages of light steel frame construction compared with conventional building in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed.

Light steel-frame building consists of structural wall frames and roofing systems manufactured from cold-formed galvanized or ZincAlum structural steel sections ranging from .55 mm to 1.2 mm.

Various interior and exterior cladding options ensure that almost any style of building can be achieved.

Electrical and plumbing considerations are essentially encompassed within the framework of the cladding.

Light steel frame building offers a wide range of benefits when compared with conventional building or other framing materials, in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed.

Reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and reduced time of construction could offer cost savings of 15% or more, compared with conventional building.

Steel framing has many advantages over conventional brick and timber structures. A completed house using an internal steel frame, typically clad with exposed face brick or painted plastered finishes, is virtually indistinguishable from homes built using conventional South African techniques.

It is also estimated that steel framing saves substantially on building costs, mainly owing to reducing construction duration and eliminating a large portion of inefficient site labour. The client saves owing to reduced damage clean-up cost, holding charges and ongoing mortgage costs.

Quality is another aspect that differentiates steel framing from conventional building methods. Steel frames are produced only from computer-aided design (Cad) software, which ensures that all elements of the home conform to the designer’s plans and also allows optimum design freedom.


Steel does not sag or rot over time and represents a significant improvement in quality over existing timber roof-framing systems. In addition, steel framing also has some environmental benefits.

Steel is a reusable resource and steel frames can be erected in environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact. It is interesting to point out that lightweight steel-framing systems offer similar environmental performance over the life of the product to that of conventional double-brick construction techniques.

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